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Talkatone for Windows 10:- Cell minutes and talk time could be very expensive to afford these days and if you have your Loved ones in the United States or Canada then the next app that we will be talking about today is a must have definite app for you, Because we certainly know that it costs a fortune of money to spend on cell minutes in the states and Canada and thus we have come with an alternative and the name of this app is Talkatone for Windows 10.

Talkatone for Windows 10
Talkatone for Windows 10

Talkatone For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Download/Install Steps

The Following two methods that we will be using to install and run Talkatone For Windows.

  • Talkatone For Windows Installation and download with the help of Bluestacks PC emulator.
  • Talkatone For Windows Download and installation with the help of MEmu player Emulator.

So, Lets start respectively and follow the steps wisely to install and run the Talkatone app on your PC.

1.Installing Talkatone For Windows 10 Via Bluestacks Emulator :-

  • To start off, Go to the official website of Bluestacks by either searching it on the Search bar or just type in and you will be redirected to the official website of bluestacks.
  • After that you will see a Green button flashing on the home page, Click on that and the server of bluestacks will download the most compatible version of it on your PC.
  • Let it install, and once that is done, accept the permissions and run the Bluestacks app.
Talkatone For Windows Via Bluestacks Emulator
Talkatone For Windows Via Bluestacks Emulator
  • Now you will see an Android phone like layout on the bluestacks home screen, where on the top right corner you will find the Google playstore.
  • Click on Google playstore, And now enter the credentials of your google mail account.
  • After that you can access the Google playstore.
  • Now, On the Search bar of Playstore type in Talkatone and press the enter button or waver the search option with your mouse.
  • Next, see the official top result (verified app of Talkatone ) and click on it.
  • Now press on install, and wait for the app to install on your PC.
  • Once the installation is completed, Run the app, and now you will be able to access Talkatone For Windows just like your smartphone.

About the Talkatone for Windows 10:-

Talkatone is a free to use Wifi or mobile data calling, texting app by which you can easily call to anyone in the United states or Canada and even save your Cell minutes, With this app you can easily stay connected with your friends and family no matter which part of the planet you are in. And Make Free calls in States and Canada and very cheap calls internationally as well, And this app also provides you with a specific phone number that one can use in order to call their friends and family.

Now to move forward let us also talk about the features of the Talkatone for Windows 10:-

Features of the Talkatone for Windows 10:-

  • Get a Free phone number :- With this app you do not have to worry about getting a phone number as all you need is this one app and you can easily connect with people and make phone calls around the world with the help of this app.
  • Free texting and calling in USA and Canada:- You can easily communicate with friends and family in the United states as well as Canada for Free of cost.
  • Free burner number which can be changed anytime:- This app provides you a burner number that is free to use and you can change it any span of time you feel like.
Features of the Talkatone
Features of the Talkatone
  • Send Free mms:- Send multi media messages such as photos or short videos to your friends and family online.
  • Cheap and affordable International calls:- You can easily attain and grasp International calls throughout the world at a very affordable and a very cheap price.
  • Call anyone from a Tablet as well:- You can call anyone you feel like from this tablet for Free, as you can also use a tablet as a phone with this app.

2. Installing Talkatone For Windows 10 via MEmu Player Emulator:-

  • First off, Go to the official website of  MEmuplayer by typing in or just simply type MEmuplayer on the google search bar.
  • Once you’ve been redirected to the official website, Download the latest version of MEmuplayer which is compatible on your device.
  • Let the app install and now open it.
  • Open the Google Playstore on the Home page of MEmu player.
  • Log-in With your Google account and then pursue to the Google playstore.
Talkatone For Windows via MEmu Player Emulator
Talkatone For Windows via MEmu Player Emulator
  • Now on the search bar, type for Talkatone .
  • Next up download the official Talkatone application.
  • Now let it install and Run it.
  • That’s it, Now you can easily enjoy  Talkatone on your PC without any hassle.

System and user information on Talkatone for Windows 10:-

User rating of the app4.1 out of 5
Content rating of the app3 + rated.
Last date of update20 May 2020
size of the app22 MB
Total no. of installs10 million +
Current version6.4.8
Offered by:-Talkatone, Llc


If you face a lot of issues related to Mobile call time and cell minutes and if Isp and mobile plan rates are high in your area for cell minutes then you can definitely choose the amazing Talkatone app for windows 10 as it is free to use for Usa and Canada and even very cheap for other countries and thus one can enjoy ultimate calling and texting at an affordable rate.

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