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Neko Atsume for Window

Neko Atsume for Windows 10:- If you are a cat lover then the next game that we are going to talk about is a must download game for you in your PC, as the Amazing game that we are going to talk about is Neko Atsume for Windows 10, this game is basically designed for Apple app store and google playstore but with an emulator you will learn how to download it for PC as well. This game is completely Free to play and has loads of amazing Features in it.

Neko Atsume For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Download/Install Steps

The Following two methods that we will be using to install and run Neko Atsume For Windows.

  • Neko Atsume For Windows Installation and download with the help of Bluestacks PC emulator.
  • Neko Atsume For Windows 10 Download and installation with the help of MEmu player Emulator.

So, Lets start respectively and follow the steps wisely to install and run the Neko Atsume app on your PC.

Neko Atsume for Window 10
Neko Atsume for Window 10

1.Installing Neko Atsume For Windows Via Bluestacks Emulator :-

  • To start off, Go to the official website of Bluestacks by either searching it on the Search bar or just type in and you will be redirected to the official website of bluestacks.
  • After that you will see a Green button flashing on the home page, Click on that and the server of bluestacks will download the most compatible version of it on your PC.
  • Let it install, and once that is done, accept the permissions and run the Bluestacks app.
  • Now you will see an Android phone like layout on the bluestacks home screen, where on the top right corner you will find the Google playstore.
  • Click on Google playstore, And now enter the credentials of your google mail account.
  • After that you can access the Google playstore.
  • Now, On the Search bar of Playstore type in Neko Atsume and press the enter button or waver the search option with your mouse.
  • Next, see the official top result (verified app of Neko Atsume ) and click on it.
  • Now press on install, and wait for the app to install on your Laptop.
  • Once the installation is completed, Run the app, and now you will be able to access Neko Atsume For Windows just like your smartphone.

What Exactly is Neko Atsume for Windows 10?

Neko Atsume is Japanese for Cat Collection/collector, This is a Japanese game but as the popularity of this game rose it is also available to us in english version. the amazing Neko Atsume for Windows 10 allows you to collect cats in your Yard, you can’t pet or grace these cats but you can provide them toys, food and other necessity items so that they can stay in your backyard.

So basically, in this game these cats will come to your backyard depending upon the Type of treat you have ready for them, it’ll attract different types of Cats, thus you can take care of them and make them stay at your Yard and have fun with them.

Neko Atsume for Window 7
Neko Atsume for Window 7

But do keep in mind if you stop taking care of them, or leave them unattended they will surely leave your House and go to someone else’s place.

This is an epic game for cat lovers and people who love such 4 legged animals, and it also has a lot of amazing features in it , so without wasting any more time lets jump right into its features :-

Great Features of the Neko Atsume for Windows 10:-

  • Free to play game :- The Neko Atsume for Windows 10 is completely free to play for all players and there are no hidden charges for this game.
  • Easy to understand set up and user interface:- the game is easy to understand for children as well, and the graphics and user interface are mind blowing.
  • variety of cats :- there is a vast variety of cats in this game.
  • Variety of Fishes and food items:-there is a vast variety of food items in this game.
  • variety of numerous toys:- you can choose numerous toys to attract these amazing feline creatures.
  • Compatible with any android version:- this app also supports 2.3 android version but suggested is 4.0
  • Mini game as it does not require high space:- this game is more likely a mini game and takes very less data storage.
  • Make wallpapers from your Cats:- you can take snaps and save them in your phone gallery and use it as wallpaper.
  • Hand Drawn graphics and a lot more:- the game has graphics that are drawn by hand.
Neko Atsume for Laptop
Neko Atsume for Laptop

2. Installing Neko Atsume For Windows 10 via MEmu Player Emulator:-

  • First off, Go to the official website of  MEmuplayer by typing in or just simply type MEmuplayer on the google search bar.
  • Once you’ve been redirected to the official website, Download the latest version of MEmuplayer which is compatible on your device.
  • Let the app install and now open it.
  • Open the Google Playstore on the Home page of MEmu player.
  • Log-in With your Google account and then pursue to the Google playstore.
  • Now on the search bar, type for Neko Atsume .
  • Next up download the official Neko Atsume application.
  • Now let it install and Run it.
  • That’s it, Now you can easily enjoy  Neko Atsume on your Laptop without any hassle.
Neko Atsume for Android
Neko Atsume for Android

User Information on Neko Atsume for Windows 10:-

No.App Details.Information
1last date of update23 April 2020
2Size of the app19 MB
3Total no. of installs10 Million +
4Current version of the game1.14.0
5Required android version2.3 and up
6Content Rating3 + rated.
7Offered by:-Hit-Point Co.,Ltd.
Neko Atsume for Windows 10

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