How to Use FaceTime for Group Calls


In this article, we’ll learn How to Use FaceTime for Group Calls. FaceTime is one of the best solutions to connect with your family and friends using your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. FaceTime is a very popular service provided by Apple for audio and video calling.

How to Use FaceTime for Group Calls
FaceTime for Group Calls

FaceTime allows its users to connect with up to 32 people on a video call. You can download FaceTime for video calling and connect with your dear ones on video calling. In this article, we’ll discuss FaceTime for Group Calls.

Requirement for FaceTime Video Calling

  • All the participants must have an Apple device for video calling such as iPhone, iPad, and Macbook.
  • You must have FaceTime set up on your Apple device.
  • Your device must have an internet connection for video calling. Without an internet connection, you cannot use the FaceTime app to connect with your friend or family.
  • If you want to use FaceTime on WiFi as well as Mobile Data then you must check your setting. Visit setting and enable Mobile Data. After this, you can scroll down to FaceTime and check if the slide is green.

How to Use FaceTime for Group Calls?

There are various methods to use FaceTime for Group Calls. We’ll discuss various methods to make group calls using the FaceTime app. You can easily create a group in the message or use the existing Messages group.

Apart from this, you can also do FaceTime video calling from the phone app as well as add other participants for group calling. Once you will do video calling with any of your friends, it becomes very easy to call them again. You can easily call them again from the recent calls. You can also covert simple calls to the FaceTime calls and add more people for group calling. Now, we hope that you have learned FaceTime for Group Calls.

Use FaceTime on Mac for Group Calls

If you want to use FaceTime on Mac for group calling then you can follow the given steps:

  • First of all, open message, open the existing conversation or you can also create a new group.
  • Now, you have to click on the details after the name of your contact in the group.
  • Now, you have to simply click on the camera icon. Once you will click on the camera icon you will be redirected to the FaceTime app and try to make the group video call.

How to Use FaceTime for Group Calls on iPhone or iPad

If you want to know FaceTime for Group Calls using iPhone or iPad then you can follow the given steps. The complete steps have been given below:

  • First of all, you have to open the Messages on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, you can move to the next step where you have to open the existing group conversation. If you don’t have then you can create a new one.
  • Now, on your iPhone or iPad, you have to simply tap on the top section. Here, you can see the all participants in the conversation.
  • Now, you have to simply choose FaceTime.

How to make FaceTime Call from Phone App

After discussing FaceTime for Group Calls, if you want to make FaceTime Call from your phone app then you have to follow the given steps.

features Of Facetime Call
features Of Facetime Call
  • In order to make FaceTime Call from your phone app, you have to find the first person whom you want to make call. After this, you can also tap on the icon after their name.
  • If you want to make the video call then you can choose the icon of video call from the list of various items given below their name.
  • Once the video call has been started, you can easily tap on add button to add different participants.

How to Add More People to FaceTime Call

We have discussed FaceTime for Group Calls now we will learn to add more people to FaceTime call. You can add up to 32 people in FaceTime calling:

  • Once the call has started, you can click or swipe up from the bottom of the screen until you see the option to add another contact.
  • Now, you will see the screen that will allow the users to add people.
  • Now, you have to tap on add person.
  • After this, your friend will get a notification that you are asking them to join the call.

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