Download for Free P2Plivecam for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Pc Laptop


P2Plivecam for Windows 10 Pc:- IP cameras or cloud cameras have became very popular these days and its quite easy to set up and at the same time IP cameras are very cheap as well, but the problem mostly occurs is that you can’t watch the Cloud cameras on most applications or even if you can, they will charge you some more amount. Thus today we have an IP camera (Portable and handheld) viewing application and the name of this amazing app is P2Plivecam for Windows 10.

P2Plivecam for Windows 10
P2Plivecam for Windows 10

P2Plivecam For Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Download/Install Steps

The Following two methods that we will be using to install and run P2Plivecam For Windows.

  • P2Plivecam For Windows Installation and download with the help of Bluestacks PC emulator.
  • P2Plivecam For Windows Download and installation with the help of MEmu player Emulator.

So, Lets start respectively and follow the steps wisely to install and run the P2Plivecam app on your PC.

1.Installing P2Plivecam For Windows 10 Via Bluestacks Emulator :-

  • To start off, Go to the official website of Bluestacks by either searching it on the Search bar or just type in and you will be redirected to the official website of bluestacks.
  • After that you will see a Green button flashing on the home page, Click on that and the server of bluestacks will download the most compatible version of it on your PC.
  • Let it install, and once that is done, accept the permissions and run the Bluestacks app.
P2Plivecam For Windows 10 Via Bluestacks Emulator
P2Plivecam For Windows 10 Via Bluestacks Emulator
  • Now you will see an Android phone like layout on the bluestacks home screen, where on the top right corner you will find the Google playstore.
  • Click on Google playstore, And now enter the credentials of your google mail account.
  • After that you can access the Google playstore.
  • Now, On the Search bar of Playstore type in P2Plivecam and press the enter button or waver the search option with your mouse.
  • Next, see the official top result (verified app of P2Plivecam ) and click on it.
  • Now press on install, and wait for the app to install on your PC.
  • Once the installation is completed, Run the app, and now you will be able to access P2Plivecam For Laptop just like your smartphone.

What exactly is P2Plivecam for Windows 10?

P2Plivecam is a smartphone application that available for android and ios users is an app where users can connect IP cameras for monitoring or any purpose and view it on their hand held device such as mobile phones or tablets and this app is completely free to use, and you can watch everything from your Camera on this app online Via cloud.

The P2Plivecam for Windows 10 is not available but today we will tell you about a method by which you can use this app at best functioning on your PC/laptop that too for free so stay tuned for that.

So without wasting any more time lets jump into the features of the amazing P2PLive app:-

Features of the amazing P2Plivecam for Windows 10:-

  • This app is very easy to set-up:- This app is quite easy to set up as all you have to do is just connect your IP camera to the cloud server and then connect it to this application and kaboom you’re ready to watch your camera content on your PC.
  • Watch everything over the internet:-Thanks to cloud storage you can know watch everything over the internet.
Features of the amazing P2Plivecam
Features of the amazing P2Plivecam
  • Live viewing:- you can Watch the live happenings on your IP camera with just an active and decent internet connection.
  • Snapshot feature:- This is a special feature that this app has, so in case if you see any intruders or any sudden issue you can simply command your Camera to take a snapshot of the contents on the screen at that very particular interval of time.
  • Control your device:-You can control devices such as lean/tilt or any other control that your device accepts.
  • Suppports HD and 4k Cameras as well:- This App is amazing as it supports most of the IP cameras even if they are 4k and what not.
  • Playback and recording:- you can save the recording and play it back whenever needed.
  • Special Notification Feature:-This feature alerts you with any notification for any sudden out takes or any suspicious activity on the camera.
  • And much more:- There are a lot more amazing features of this app that you can know of, once you download it.

2. Installing P2Plivecam For Windows 10 via MEmu Player Emulator:-

  • First off, Go to the official website of  MEmuplayer by typing in or just simply type MEmuplayer on the google search bar.
  • Once you’ve been redirected to the official website, Download the latest version of MEmuplayer which is compatible on your device.
  • Let the app install and now open it.
P2Plivecam For Windows 10 via MEmu Player Emulator
P2Plivecam For Windows 10 via MEmu Player Emulator
  • Open the Google Playstore on the Home page of MEmu player.
  • Log-in With your Google account and then pursue to the Google playstore.
  • Now on the search bar, type for P2Plivecam .
  • Next up download the official P2Plivecam application.
  • Now let it install and Run it.
  • That’s it, Now you can easily enjoy  P2Plivecam on your PC without any hassle.

User and additional Information on the P2Plivecam for Windows 10:-

No.App Details.User information
1last date of updateJanuary 25, 2016
2Size of the app12 MB
3Total no. of installs100 thousand + (playstore)
4Current version of the app1.2.10.10
5Required android version for the app4.1 and upwards
6Content rating3+ Rated
7Offered by:-ThroughTek Co., Ltd.

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